European Commodities Exchange

Mission of the European Commodities Exchange

Its principal mission is to promote the "Exchange Days", which is an itinerant Exchange dealing with cereals, livestock foodstuffs and all agricultural products or derivatives or transformed products, which takes place annually on the occasion of the General Meeting, preferably in October in accordance with established tradition.

The European Commodities Exchange Association appoints the Exchange responsible for organising the Exchange Days.

Such Exchange Day may only be organised by an Exchange which has been a member of the Association for at least six years.

The nature of the itinerant Commodities Exchange does not exclude it from being held in the same city several times if necessary.

The European Commodities Exchange Association may furthermore need to be aware of shared problems of interest to the Commodities Exchanges regarding agricultural products, the harmonisation of rules and usages in the countries of the member Exchanges and the continuation of traditions unique to the Exchanges.

It recommends the principles of an economic ethic common to the member Exchanges.